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At Your ServiceNeighborhood-friendly support complements Roberts AIPMC's world-class line of Evercool radiator products

MANILA, Philippines—Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation (Roberts AIPMC) has an impressive portfolio for its signature line of radiator products, called Evercool.
          It includes 350 models of certified 100 percent leak-free radiators, all built from JIS-compliant (Japanese International Standard) raw materials, within an ISO 9001:2008-certified management system. It is also strengthened by various state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing facilities, and developed at an impressive rate of approximately 13,000 units per month. The excellent quality of Evercool radiators has, in turn, been recognized by Roberts AIPMC's rapidly growing—and equally impressive—client base, which includes original equipment manufacturer (OEM) assemblers like Mitsubishi Motors Philippines, Isuzu Philippines, Columbian Motors and Pilipinas Hino..
        Yet the company's successes—and Evercool's glowing reputation—would not be possible without its most important resource: its people. The women and men behind the machines; the neighborhood-friendly service complementing the world-class product: they are the ones responsible for giving face to the Evercool brand.

Carefully crafted by well-trained people
All radiators undergo proper packaging, handling and delivery.

Neighborhood-friendly services for a world-class product
          Indeed, Roberts AIPMC's expertise certainly isn't limited to manufacturing. The company has even designated a team of professionals called the Roberts AIPMC Industrial Sales Support Group: formed to cater to OEM assemblers, individual vehicle owners, and industrial and agricultural businesses, and to offer a wide range of service solutions that few surplus parts sellers, ill-equipped dealers, and less capable service shops can claim to provide.
          This includes “recoring” services, which involve replacing the middle section—the core—of a radiator when it is damaged or past its usable life span. This is done at the 1,300-sqm. manufacturing plant at the Canlubang Industrial Estate in Cabuyao, Laguna, where each unit is hand-assembled using the amount of solder (a fusible metal alloy) needed to complete a truly heavy-duty assembly.

Evercool Radiators are designed to meet OEM standards;
All materials used comply with Japanese International Standard (JIS)
All the other radiator components still in acceptable condition, meanwhile, are kept, thus minimizing overall repair costs. And because Roberts AIPMC has the ability to assemble the radiator core in a variety of designs, “recoring” can actually improve the performance and cooling efficiency of the original radiator, making it more suitable for the intended use—automotive, agricultural, industrial—of the vehicle or equipment.
      Roberts AIPMC also offers special fabrication services to tailor radiator production according to the requirements of its customers, who can simply bring their radiator assembly to the Laguna plant and let the company's engineers perform all the needed measurements, evaluations, and professional recommendations. Meanwhile, for customers whose companies are already staffed with their own radiator repair personnel, Roberts AIPMC can simply supply Evercool radiator cores, along with the necessary header plates.

 Radiator materials and all welded parts passed the nugget test;
Higher corrosion resistance since radiators passed different tests such as salt spray test, hardness test, and adhesion test;
Underwent correct pre-painting procedures such as chemical washing, water rinsing and drying prior to painting
             Whatever the customers' best options are, the company is determined to make it happen. The Roberts AIPMC Industrial Sales Support Group is even known for regularly sending representatives to the offices of clients, demonstrating that the company will stop at nothing to support Evercool customers and lift the burden off their shoulders (and pockets).
      For more information on Roberts AIPMC and Evercool, please visit You may also visit the plant and office at Roberts AIPMC, RGC Compound, Canlubang Industrial Estate, Bo. Pittland, Cabuyao, Laguna.

Evercool Radiator is manufactured by Roberts AIPMC.

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