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Engineered to deliver maximum strength and durability, RAIPMC's OEM-quality Tiger leaf springs offer the best value for money

MANILA, Philippines  March 2012—Out with the old, in with the new—at least when it comes to replacement auto parts.
                That's the expert advice given by Michael Gonzalez, General Manager of Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation (RAIPMC). Recognizing the tendency of car owners to opt for surplus items whenever a part needs replacing, he is quick to caution that “cheap and used” do not often deliver the same bottomline value as “brand new.”

    "The savings that one supposedly makes by buying surplus products may all be illusory," Gonzalez asserts. "There is nothing practical about a second-hand auto part of unknown origin, with no warranty, and with no indication of how much is left of the product life cycle."
                To help steer car owners into making genuinely value-driven decisions, Roberts AIPMC is thus working continuously to supply a diverse range of high-quality and cost-effective automotive products. This includes the company's Tiger leaf springs brand, which was launched in 1994 and has since been established as the only locally manufactured leaf spring trusted by original equipment manufacturers (OEM) like Mitsubishi Motors Philippines, Toyota Motors, Isuzu Philippines Corporation, Columbian Motors, Nissan/Universal Motors Corporation (manufacturer and distributor of Nissan light utility vehicles), and Pilipinas Hino.

    But Tiger isn't just for the big industry names, Gonzalez points out. It's also for individual vehicle owners who may sometimes express reluctance at spending a little extra on a brand new replacement part, but won't hesitate to seize every opportunity to get the best possible value for their money.


        Tiger represents one such opportunity. Unlike surplus or substandard leaf springs (or molye in Tagalog)—which may sag, break, or crack under heavy duty and extreme driving conditions—Tiger leaf springs are engineered to deliver maximum strength and durability, while helping spread passenger or cargo load more widely and effectively over the vehicle's chassis. All this, then, contributes to enhanced steering stability, better handling, and improved passenger comfort.

    According to Gonzalez, the immediate positive impact that a new Tiger leaf spring assembly makes on a vehicle's suspension system is what sets the brand apart from the competition. He adds, "Our company always strives to meet international manufacturing standards, and it's good to know that our efforts translate directly into a better, smoother road experience for our clients."
           RAIPMC's product catalog for Tiger includes conventional and parabolic types, and covers all kinds of automotive applications—for cars, buses, shuttles, jeepneys, tricycles, cargo trucks, tankers, mixers, delivery vans, pickups, utility vehicles, and more. By following an ISO 9001:2008-certified quality management system, and by subjecting each Tiger to a series of extensive load, hardness, and durability tests, the company is consistently able to develop OEM-quality leaf springs at a rate of approximately 600 tons per month.

                Of course, at RAIPMC's 1,300-sqm. manufacturing plant in Cabuyao Laguna, quality tops quantity at all times. It is this example that Gonzales hopes more car owners will soon follow. "When it comes to leaf springs, or some other priority component of the car," he says, "don't go for what's cheaper. Go for what's better."

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Intel Philippines Launches 3rd Generation Intel Core Processors

Intel Ivy Bridge Launched3rd Generation Intel Core Processors Bring Exciting New Experiences and Fun to the PC

MANILA, Philippines, June 15, 2012 – Intel Asia Pacific director of product marketing Leighton Philips today introduced the quad-core 3rd generation Intel Core processor family, which delivers dramatic visual and performance computing gains for gamers, media enthusiasts and mainstream users alike, during a keynote address at the Intel Ivy Bridge launch in Makati. Available now in powerful, high-end desktop, laptop and sleek all-in-one (AIO) designs, the new processors are the first chips in the world made using Intel’s 22-nanometer (nm) 3-D tri-Gate transistor technology.

See this video how Intel's 22-nanometer (nm) tri-gate transistors are made.

With as much as 20 percent microprocessor performance improvements and new technologies to speed the flow of data to and from the chips, the new processors further extend Intel’s overall performance leadership. All the things people love to do on their PCs — from creating and editing videos and photos, surfing the Web, watching HD movies or playing mainstream games — are now quicker, crisper and more life-like.

Leighton Phillips, Product Management Pricing, Director, Intel APAC delivers a keynote during the Intel Ivy Bridge Launch on June 15, 2012

Philips also highlighted the company's efforts to deliver user-centric experiences across a range of mobile devices from the Ultrabook to smartphones and tablets, pointing to momentum across all three.

"Our life experiences are defined by our senses -- by what we see, hear and touch," said Philips. "These human senses are also at the foundation of Intel's vision for the Ultrabook to deliver a no-compromise, must-have computing experience.”

“Today, thanks to the work of the industry at-large, we are one step closer to meeting that vision with the arrival of the next wave of 3rd generation Intel Core processor-powered devices. The innovation must continue as we move to touch-based Ultrabook convertible designs, and in the future aim to give them and other devices senses, making our interaction with them natural and intuitive."

Intel APAC product management pricing director Leighton Philipps is flanked by models carrying ultra-sleek, ultra-responsive Ultrabooks

Intel execs (L-R) Sam Jacoba, Sharon Jabanes, Jerome Matti, Melanie Cruz-Agento, Leighton Phillips, Ricky Banaag, Christopher Syling, Randy Kanapi, Wowie Wong

Intel Philippines market development manager Wowie Wong gives a demonstration of the power and performance of 3rd Generation Intel Core Processors

Next Wave of Ultrabook Devices Bring More Responsiveness, Enhanced Security
In addition to increased responsiveness and enhanced security features, Ultrabook devices powered by the new 3rd generation Intel Core processors deliver up to two times the media and graphics performance compared to the previous generation, long battery life and offer more choice of stylish, thin designs.

Ultra Responsive Ultrabook™ wakes up in a flash, so you get quick access to your favorite content by going from zero to go in seconds.

Long Lasting Run for hours, standby for days.

This new wave of Ultrabook devices wakes up in a flash, meaning systems will transition from hibernation mode to an active state in less than 7 seconds and will also load favorite applications quickly1. Intel® Smart Connect Technology helps keep email and social networks automatically updated even while the Ultrabook sleeps, thus conserving power and battery life.

Ultra Sleek
 At less than an inch thick, the lightweight and highly portable Ultrabook™ is easy to grab and go anywhere.

As security becomes more important to consumers who want peace of mind in the protection of their data and personal assets, the next wave of Ultrabook systems is equipped with enhanced security features, including Intel® Anti-Theft Technology that lets users automatically disable the system if it is lost or stolen.

Additionally, all 3rd generation Intel Core processor-based Ultrabook devices have Intel® Identity Protection technology built in to keep peoples' identity safe and ensure that their favorite websites and social networks know it's really them when logging in.

The Ultrabook is also now coming to the enterprise. Built with the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor platform, these Ultrabook devices provide businesses the security and performance to compute with confidence in the stylish and innovate designs business users desire.

Processor and System Availability

Systems based on quad-core 3rd generation Intel Core processor products will be available beginning this month from leading system makers. Boxed versions of these processors will also be available this month from online, retail and channel resellers. Additional versions of the 3rd generation Intel Core processor products for servers, intelligent systems in retail, healthcare and other industries, Ultrabook devices and laptops and more will be available later this year.

Intel Press Release:

Watch INTEL Quad Core 3rd Generation with Ivy Bridge by WebTV NEWS.

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Volvo New Active Safety Test Facility

Volvo Car Corporation to develop active safety systems at new test facility

Cross Traffic Alert

An entirely new test facility for active car safety is all set to play an important role for Volvo Car Corporation's continued leadership in the field of safety. The facility will be built and operated by the company Active SafetyTest Area AB - ASTA.

Operating under the AstaZero brand name, ASTA will run the test facility that will be located beside Volvo Car Corporation's existing proving ground at Hällered in western Sweden. Volvo Car Corporation will be one of the users of the unique test environments that will be available.

"With the new facility we will have access to an excellent tool for the development of tomorrow's intelligent safety and driver support systems," says Peter Mertens, Senior Vice President, Research & Development at Volvo Car Corporation. He continues: "Volvo Car Corporation is the automotive industry's leader in safety and our engineers are now developing next-generation technologies as another step toward our vision that nobody should suffer fatal or serious injuries in a new Volvo car by the year 2020."

Active safety is all about technical solutions that help the driver avoid an accident or significantly reduce the consequences of an accident. Some of the most recent innovations from Volvo Car Corporation include Pedestrian Detection with full auto brake, City Safety, Driver Alert Control, Cross Traffic Alert and Road Sign Information - systems that are available in the all-new Volvo V40, for instance.

City Safety

At AstaZero's new test facility, both drivers and vehicles will be put to the test in a wide variety of traffic environments - busy city roads, highways, multi-lane motorways and crossroads. One crucial parameter is the interaction with other cars, pedestrians, cycles, mopeds, motorcycles, trucks and buses.

Pedestrian Detection

The various traffic situations that will be tested include monotonous highway driving with sudden obstacles appearing in the road, inner-city traffic that includes dummy vehicles and human dummies, and multi-lane motorways involving lots of vehicles. It will also be possible to subject long vehicle rigs to highly demanding maneuvers - all so as to develop even more effective protection against roll-over accidents.

ASTA is owned by SP (the Technical Research Institute of Sweden) and the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. The facility will become operational in 2014.

In Manila, Viking Cars, Incorporated is the official distributor of Volvo cars. The Volvo Makati office, showroom and Customer Service Center are located at 2272 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City. Volvo Cebu is located at A.S. Fortuna Street, Banilad, Mandaue City. The 2012 Volvo automobile line includes the nimble C30 Sports Coupé, the versatile All-New C70 Coupé-Convertible, the compact All-New S40 and V50 Sportswagon, the flagship S80 luxury sedan, the ruggedly refined All-New XC70 Cross Country, the groundbreaking Volvo XC60 with City Safety as standard and the award-winning XC90 AWD. Also available in the Philippines is the bold S60 sports sedan and the excitingly versatile All-new Volvo V60 Sportswagon 2.0L T5. Just recently introduced to the local market is the new Volvo S60 sports sedan diesel variant. For details and inquiries, please call 893-6621 to 22 or 637-0414 to 15.

For more information, please contact, John Eric D. Ho, Marketing Services Assistant:  892 1677 or 893-6621 local 430;

Volvo Press Release:

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American Standard launches new luxury line of bathroom fixtures

American Standard, one of the leading makers of  kitchen and bath fixtures, faucets and fittings; kitchen, bathing and wellness products; and bathroom furniture and accessories  launches its latest and most luxurious line of products that promises to make any home the envy of the neighborhood.  The latest line of shower heads, lavatories and water closets highlights the company’s commitment to design quality and innovation that it has long been known for.


THE VENTUNO COLLECTION. One of American Standard’s newest luxury line of bathroom fixtures, designed by award-winning designer, Franco Bertoli.

“These new product lines represent American Standard’s uncompromising belief in the growing sophistication of the market.  These products are here because of extensive product research into what the consumers want and what they need.”  said Noel Tolosa, American Standard marketing manager. 

As a trendsetter in the design and innovation sector, American Standard has always ensured that its designs remain relevant to the needs of today’s families and to today’s times.

Conceptualizing for today’s modern dwellings

The company launched the Concept Cube, a line of compact but beautiful and stylish bathroom fixtures.  The Concept Cube seamlessly blends the sleek modern lines with innovative technology, using strong and simple lines for a contemporary look.  A signature soft inner rim that lends architectural style beautifully balances this and is ideal for even small bathrooms so common in today’s condominium housing.  The Concept faucet series, on the other hand, complements the modern, compact and sophisticated styling of the water closets and lavatories.  Made of high-quality chrome, these faucets make even small bathrooms chic and stylish.  The faucet allows better water saving because it provides better control for users and being leak free.


It is said that the evolution of the water closet is a reflection of how civilized human living has become.  This philosophy is reflected in the Satis Asteo water closet collection, which features amenities like LED dim lighting, soft music, automatic seat open and flushing, twin nozzle bidet, and air purification system that eliminates bad odors and airborne fungi and bacteria.  The Satis Asteo reflects American Standard’s mantra of innovating on products to meet its customers’ changing lifestyles.  


The EuroZen, on the other hand, brings the most innovative and convenient functions to bathroom hygiene in a sleek and compact water closet.  With functions like siphon jet tornado flushing, powerful massage/cleanse function, deodorizer, warm dryer, nozzle with automatic cleaning, anti-bacterial nozzle, seat heater, and lift-off and slow- close seat cover, the EuroZen gives new meaning to luxury, comfort and high-tech to water closets and will make any bathroom a conversation piece. 

Infrared empowered auto functions and remote control for easy usage.

More vibrant colors mean more fun in the shower

Looking at the company’s new line of shower heads, it is clear that the inspiration came from one thing:  vibrant colors.  The iColor Hand Showers evokes a fantasy world of plastic and bubble.  Through a fascinating and playful concoction of art, science and technology, the iColor Hand Shower is well suited to today’s fun-loving and imaginative homeowner.  The line of products pushes the boundaries of the human imagination—with refreshing results .


The Ventuno collection is designed by award-winning Italian designer, Franco Bertoli. It is an absolute choice for cosmopolitan consumers as it reflects the patterns of today’s urban architecture and elements of modern style.  Designed with the sophisticated urbanite in mind, the Ventuno’s rounded, essentialized forms and geometric edges create sensations of pure harmony in every bathroom.

World-Class and award-winning designers

American Standard has always been setting trends in bathroom fixtures, not just in the aspect of technological innovation but in design as well.  This is made possible by a highly creative team whose members are also into other industries such as automotive, fashion, home and furniture, and luxury items, among others.

Some of the world’s most creative and award-winning industrial designers who design for American Standard are David Chipperfield, Ronen Joseph, Achim Pohl and Tomas Fiegl (Artefakt), Mark Sadler, Khumtong Jansuwan and Franco Bertoli, all of whom have earned awards from prestigious award-giving bodies.

The American Standard’s new line of bathroom fixtures is available in major building materials depots nationwide.

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Searching for Philippine Teen Azkals, The Future Azkals!

As of today many Filipinos are now playing football even kids since the Philippine Azkals made History by bringing honor to our country and realizing that football is for everybody (tall, short, girl, boy, adults, kids) as long as you have passion, know how to play you can do it. As I can see Football is big sport in our country right now and someday we can dominate other countries in this type of game especially European.

The Philippine team is now searching for Teen Azkals and someday will become Azkals like goalkeeper Neil 
Etheridge, team captain Chieffy Caligdong, striker Stephan Shrock, Dennis Wolf or the Younghusband brothers James and Phil. All is possible on that since Philippine has a strong foundation and support to train our teens as we can see what our Philippine Azkals right now with  effective coaching of Michael Weiss and a good management of Dan Palami. 

Likewise with combination of Teen Azkals Manager Alvin Carranza and Philippine Football Federation Technical Coach Director Aris Caslib,  the welfare and future of the Teen Azkals will excell or surpass what the Azkals contributed to the Philippines right now.

 The search for the new Teen Azkals will start this coming July and August 2012. On July 7-8, the NCR selection will be conducted at the University of the Philippines, Diliman and on August 4-12, the Under 17-19 (U17-19) selection will be held in San Carlos City, Negros Occidental at the Football Grounds.

So if you have or you know who have the skills, passion and strength to became Teen Azkals, it is your time! Show what you got, represent Philippines, Go for Goal, and be Teen Azkals!

To know more about Teen Azkals visit their Facebook Fan page
or contact:

Philippine Teen Azkals
1802 Pioneer Highlands, Pioneer St.
Mandaluyong City, Philippines 1550
0917 531 4403

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Volvo S80 Executive Edition

Press Release:

Upgrade your experience with the Volvo S80 Executive Edition

What happens when a European luxury sedan gets a significant Scandinavian upgrade? You get the Volvo S80 Executive Edition. Volvo’s top of the line luxury sedan exudes a perfect balance of luxury and intelligence that allows you to enjoy indulgence without extravagance and performance without pretense. 

Offered only this June, Volvo Philippines offers a free upgrade to a Volvo S80 Executive Edition* when a client purchases a brand new Volvo S80 2.0L.

The S80 Executive model represents a very competitive alternative for customers who value refined Scandinavian elegance in combination with contemporary engineering. This car gives a discreet hint that this is an S80 beyond the norm.

The S80 Executive upgrade features a FREE Rear Seat Entertainment System, a rear spoiler for that added dynamic look of the S80, 18inch alloy wheels and illuminated side door moldings. Available on select S80 units only, the first few upgraders will get more with the Executive Edition as this limited edition Volvo S80 features Collision Warning with Auto Break*, a refined warning system that initially warns the driver and helps prevent rear-end collisions by applying the brakes should the driver fail to react in time and the Adaptive Cruise Control* which continuously monitors the gap to the vehicles in front and automatically adjusts the car's speed to ensure that this gap does not shrink too much.

Inside the car, the spotlight is on increased exclusivity and comfort. The soft, sumptuous leather seats is upgraded by Volvo Cars' designers with focus on comfort by creating unbeatable seating and side support, accentuated further by the superb quality of the soft Scandinavian hide.

The S80 Executive is specified with the new four-cylinder T5 engine with GTDi (Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection). It has a displacement of two liters with a power output of 240hp and a torque of 320Nm. New in-house developed turbocharging technology, direct injection and twin variable camshafts make for a unique combination of low weight, low emissions and a high and broad performance range - all in a very compact format.

The Volvo S80 is also equipped with class leading safety technologies that give you and yours peace of mind. Featuring crumple zones made using different grades of steel, a strong side structure that helps optimize side-impact protection with the body's entire side structure, these patented technologies feature a well-balanced combination of high-tensile steel of different grades. WHIPS (Whiplash Protection System) which in an event of a rear-end collision, the front seat backrest accompanies the passenger's initial body movement and dampens the incoming force rather like one's hand does when catching a ball. Blind Sport information System and Intelligent Driver Information System among others are equipped to keep up with the fun inside the car.

It is high time to reward yourself with an intelligent choice of a car that is designed around you.

*Subject to terms and conditions. Available to select Volvo S80 units on-hand.
Some descriptions and facts in this press material relate to Volvo Cars' international car range. Described features might be optional. Vehicle specifications may vary from one country to another and may be altered without prior notification.

In Manila, Viking Cars, Incorporated is the official distributor of Volvo cars. The Volvo Makati office, showroom and Customer Service Center are located at 2272 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City. Volvo Cebu is located at A.S. Fortuna Street, Banilad, Mandaue City. The 2012 Volvo automobile line includes the nimble C30 Sports Coupé, the versatile All-New C70 Coupé-Convertible, the compact All-New S40 and V50 Sportswagon, the flagship S80 luxury sedan, the ruggedly refined All-New XC70 Cross Country, the groundbreaking Volvo XC60 with City Safety as standard and the award-winning XC90 AWD. Also available in the Philippines is the bold S60 sports sedan and the excitingly versatile All-new Volvo V60 Sportswagon 2.0L T5. Just recently introduced to the local market is the new Volvo S60 sports sedan diesel variant. For details and inquiries, please call 893-6621 to 22 or 637-0414 to 15.

For more information, please contact, John Eric D. Ho, Marketing Services Assistant:  892 1677 or 893-6621 local 430;

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El Nido Resorts, Palawan

Imagine this White Sand... Blue Water...Green Resorts.

A beautiful place to relax, appreciate the beauty of nature and a magical paradise from its ageless towering marble cliffs to its white sandy beaches with crystal clear water. An ultimate place for vacation that is El Nido Resorts.

El Nido is located about 238 kilometers northwest of Puerto Princesa, Palawan’s capital. El Nido is bordered by the Linapacan Strait in the north, the municipality of Taytay in the south, the Sulu Sea in the east, and the South China Sea in the west.

Most of the islands in El Nido have pockets of fine white sand beaches and coves – perfect for sunbathing and picnic lunches. Within some of the islands of El Nido are ancient caves with fascinating dripstone formations formed by millions of years of weathering action by rain water trickling into crevices and cavities. In other islands, stretches of limestone walls conceal a world of calm lagoons.

Miniloc Island, Lagen Island, Apulit Island and Pangulasian Island are four islands that El Nido Resorts have.

For the 30th anniversary of El Nido Resorts they will giving everyone a chance to win the special treat and that is a 4 days 3 nights stay for 2 at El Nido Resorts Apulit Island for free!

Why Apulit Island Resort? Because Apulit Island is the newest white sand, blue water and green resort that became a top and greatest Island Getaways in Asia!

Because of its beautiful, unique and perfect location for great activities like diving, snorkeling, island hopping, beach bumming, mangrove tours and ofcourse - Relaxing! 

Lets see some of the amazing location why you and me must love El Nido Resorts Apulit Island, Palawan, Philippines!

Apulit Island Resort's Water Cottages Facade

View of Taytay Bay from a cottage's veranda

Apulit Island Resort's Massage Cabana

Apulit Island Resort’s clubhouse and beach bar offer a post-card worthy view of Taytay Bay.

And Yes! Winners Place want that 4 days 3 nights El Nido Resorts Holiday!

For more information, visit : like the fanpage and join their 30th anniversary contest as well.

or contact : 
Phone6328130000 and +63917 5841576


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COLORKIDDOS GIVES HOPE TO COLORECTAL KIDS IN THE PHILIPPINES is  holding a contest to increase awareness about kids born with anorectal defects. Click here to learn about colorectal defects or anorectal anomalies.
They launched the movement/social enterprise called ColorKiddos in order to help children born with similar conditions and whose parents are financially challenged. Aside from the three surgical procedures required, there are so many medical supplies and medicines needed until the child has fully recovered and his bowels fully working.
Please refer to this link to know more about the contest and helping underprivileged colorectal kids in the Philippines. 
For more information please visit: 
FB page
skype: colorkiddos

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Philippine Azkals vs Guam on June 12, 2012 @ Panaad Stadium

Support Our Country!
Go Team Azkals!

The Bacolod Local Organizing Committee thru Mr Juny Lizares confirms that the tickets for June 12 match against Guam will be available starting  May 30, 2012. The Visayas Football League, who is in-charge of the tickets, will have outlets on the following establishments:

  • Robinson’s Place Bacolod
  • Luxur Place
  • Bob’s Café and Restaurant
  • Shakeys
  • Sky Cable
  • Mushu

Ticket prices: Php 1000, Php 600, Php 400, Php 200

Buy your tickets at the following locations:

Luxur Place, Magsaysay Ave., Bacolod City call : (034) 434 4551
Robinson's Place, Mandalagan, Bacolod City call: (034) 441 0430
Bob's Cafe and Restaurant, BS Aquino Drive, Bacolod City call: (034) 434 2409
Shakey's Lacson St., Bacolod City , call: (034) 433 7777Sky Cable, 23rd Lacson St., Bacolod City, call: (034) 432 0051
Mu Shu Asian Restaurant and Lounge , 20th Lacson St, Bacolod City call: (034) 435 0972